More net latency and packet loss.

Mon Jul 31 18:55:11 PDT 2000 — More net latency and packet loss. We also found a UUNet link that exhibits high latency and packet loss. Nathan was able to correlate the beginning of the high latency on this link with Sunday morning’s DoS attack. It is possible (though we don’t know yet) that this is an ongoing DoS attack that is being filtered at both CW and UUNet’s border routers. (The traffic is not making it to However, we just got off the phone with UUNet security, who says that the DoS would have to be filling an OC12 (the equivalent of 12 T3’s) to be causing this problem — unlikely, but they are checking that out.

Another correlation: the packet loss and latency are manifesting themselves on routers that are directly connected to exchange points, even though the traffic doesn’t necessarily traverse the exchange points. UUNet is also investigating this on their end now. We are still waiting for a call from CW. -Scott, Nathan, Kelsey, Steve

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