We will be shutting down our T3 to UUNet to…

Sat Aug 12 14:18:30 PDT 2000 — We will be shutting down our T3 to UUNet to migrate from the current SMDS link to a new point to point on our new SONET OC-12 fiber facility. The new circuit offers greater reliability, less latency and more room to grow. The SONET OC-12 fiber entrance is a full sized seven foot tall telco cabinet with fiber running at 655Mbps offering capacity to terminate twelve T3/DS3 45Mbps circuits or six T3/DS3 and one OC-3 155Mbps circuit. We will be provisioning four of the six T3 circuits here into the OC-12 in the next few weeks. The fiber is connected in a dual ring configuration with fiber leaving our building and going South on Third, and also East on 5th Streets. This prevents the possibility of a fiber cut taking Sonic.net’s huge data circuits offline. -Dane and Scott

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