is featured in today’s New York…

Thu Aug 17 07:21:15 PDT 2000 — is featured in today’s New York Times! We’re very excited about this new national press coverage, so take a look at the article if you’re interested:

‘In Praise of the Mom-and-Pop I.S.P.’, NY Times, August 17, 2000

A free NYT web subscription is required to read the article; if you sign up to read this, be sure to un-check the boxes which would request that they send you periodic emails if you don’t want them! We’ve asked the Times for reprint permission for publication on our own pages, but in the mean time, check it out on the NYTimes ‘On the Web’ site. (note, while they’re used in the article, the names ‘Sonoma Interconnect’ and ‘Sonic’ are no longer in use – we go by simply ‘’ as of 1998)

Many thanks to Katie Hafner of the NY Times, a long time customer for the work on this nice article. I know you read the MOTD Katie, so you’ll see this note of thanks! -Dane and the staff

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