is pleased to announce the launch…

Fri Aug 18 16:33:00 PDT 2000 — is pleased to announce the launch of a new turnkey private dedicated server co-location offering.

For customers who receive a moderate or heavy traffic load and who want the features and freedom of their own private web server, the RaQ is a great solution! Using a simple web interface, you can administer your website, and you can even host several websites on a single server. Other features such as optional email hosting, virtual server FTP hosting, mailing list management and more make the RaQ a great environment for your website and other services hosted at your domain name. is offering three levels of Cobalt RaQ servers to introduce this program; the RaQ 3, RaQ 3i, and RaQ 4r. All three RaQ systems include more than 10 gigabytes of hard disk, the Apache web server, support for Microsoft Frontpage extensions, CGI and Perl, telnet, ftp, ssh, and web interface administration. is offering co-location with dedicated Cobalt hardware included starting at $195.00 per month. There’s no better way to get started with your own private server.

For further information check out our Cobalt co-location website at:

-Dane and Scooter

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