Night Operations.

Wed Nov 15 10:32:37 PST 2000 — Night Operations. Thursday morning starting at 1:00AM we will be performing a series of upgrades to our network. First we will be installing an additional GB of RAM in typhoon, our news server, which will bring it’s total RAM to 2GB (thanks Ken!) There should only be a few minutes of downtime while we install the new RAM. This upgrade should result in a marked increase in Usenet performance.

We will also be removing one of the redundant modules in lily, our T3 mux, for service. There should be no downtime if the fail-over module properly takes over service. However, if it fails to take over properly, access to some of our pops may be unavailable while the mux resyncs and the T1’s come back online.

At 2:00AM we plan to finish the migration of all web data onto the new Netapp, icebox. For approximately 30-45 minutes all web data will be read-only while we do a final sync with the existing filer. Some CGIs may not function properly during this period and users will not be able to update any webpages or cgi. -Kelsey & Scott

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