Pacific Bell DSL service expansion.

Wed Dec 6 20:06:22 PST 2000 — Pacific Bell DSL service expansion. is now offering PacBell DSL service to much more of Santa Rosa through “Project Pronto” remote terminals (RTs) which extend the reach of DSL far beyond the two Santa Rosa PacBell switching offices. If you live in Santa Rosa, and were previously told that your location was out of range for DSL, please place a new order and we’ll check for current availability! is currently offering a rebate for six months of free Internet service for customer switching to PacBell DSL. The DSL line cost from Pacific Bell in partnership with is $37.00/mo. For all the details, and to order, see Note that this product, promotion, price point and service cannot be ordered from Pacific Bell – you must order directly from!

This initial remote terminal deployment greatly expands DSL coverage in Santa Rosa, but there is more to come! Currently, about eight new remote terminals are online, and there are a total of about twenty planned for Santa Rosa. We’ll be re-testing customer phone numbers as the deployment proceeds, and will work to proactivly inform customers as availability expands.

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