We’ve had a brief service interruption, but…

Thu Dec 14 14:09:10 PST 2000 — We’ve had a brief service interruption, but normal service has been restored. During the shutdown of our Shell Server, one of our NetApp filers became unresponsive. This delayed Mail Services, as the cluster of mail servers were unable to access their mail spools. The unresponsive behavior of the filer has been traced to a bug in the NetApp’s OS, which we resolved with the help of NetApp’s engineers. We apologize for the delay in email delivery, and want to stress that no mail was lost during this outage. Furthermore, we had already scheduled deployment (again with the help of NetApp) of our dual NetApp filers into an ‘active-active’ redundant configuration, which would have mitigated this outage as well. — Eli, Kelsey, Steve, Matt (and everybody else who worked as fast as possible to resolve this)

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