We’re having ongoing problems this morning…

Fri Dec 29 11:18:55 PST 2000 — We’re having ongoing problems this morning with our primary authentication server. About 20% of the time, it’s failing to authenticate customer logins. This affects dialup, mail and shell access, as well as web based member tools. We are working to reduce the workload on the primary server in an attempt to resolve this problem, but haven’t had much luck. This issue has been slowly building for a couple weeks, and is quite a bit worse today.

Kelsey, Eli, Steve and Russ are working to bring online two new authentication servers that have been in the works for some time. The two new machines will be much, much faster then the current configuration, and will be load balanced by the Alteon L4 switches for full redundancy. We’re hoping to wrap this up late this afternoon, but the final deployment may end up happening this weekend due to testing overhead.

If you have authentication failures, please do simply try again. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this causes! If you find that after multiple attempts, you still cannot access the service, please contact support ASAP at 707-547-3400 and them know. -Dane

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