Night Operations.

Tue Jan 23 14:50:47 PST 2001 — Night Operations. Tonight we are going to have a few brief service outages while we upgrade our core Extreme Networks BlackDiamond switch’s management modules. The upgrade affords us a higher port density and an increased feature set including L4 switching capabilities. While the SE from Extreme Networks is working on the switch we will also be taking Freezer and Icebox down to resolve a cluster configuration problem that we introduced when we added the second shelves last week. We will begin work shortly after Midnight and don’t anticipate more than a few minutes of downtime to complete both projects. Please note that while the switch is offline (about 90 seconds) will be off of the net. While the two NetApps are being rebooted (about 120 seconds), email, shell and web hosting services will pause. -Kelsey

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