Night Operations.

Sun Mar 4 10:45:51 PST 2001 — Night Operations. Sunday morning at 12:30 am performed a number of maintenance upgrades designed to increase NetApp filer, news server and core switching performance as well as border router redundancy. All upgrades were preventative and further increase the redundancy and responsiveness of

The news server, Typhoon, underwent a performance upgrade — unfortunately, the license key provided by the vendor did not work for our new configuration.

An upgrade of our core switch OS caused a “network freeze” that lasted about 90 seconds while the switch rebooted. The new OS has bug and performance fixes.

We commissioned into service another Cisco 7200 router as part of our ongoing efforts toward more redundant Internet connectivity. now uses two Cisco 7200 edge routers — “gamma” and “delta” — in addition to the Cisco 7507 that used to be our edge router, “mega”. Each edge router handles a T3 to one of the two largest Internet backbones: UUNet and Cable & Wireless. While we had reported that Internet connectivity would be lost for three minutes during this upgrade, actual impact was less than a minute.

The NetApp NFS filer underwent an OS upgrade and disk firmware upgrade, disturbing mail and web storage for about an hour.

A number of Port Masters servicing 707-522-1002 and some Oakland numbers were rebooted. There was no noticeable down time, however, dial-up connections on the 1002 equipment were terminated. -Matt, Kelsey, Scott, Steve, Russ, Scott R., and Jeff

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