Ape, or core Extreme Networks Switch, failed…

Thu Mar 22 21:51:58 PST 2001 — Ape, or core Extreme Networks Switch, failed tonight at 20:26:47. It’s snmpd process got stuck in a software loop and maxed out the management modules’ CPU and routing engine. We rebooted the switch just after 21:00 which cleared up the problem and restored all services. While the switch was in failure mode it’s routing engine was unresponsive which primarily affected our colocated customers. It may have also sporadically failed to properly forward normal switch traffic during this period as well which would have resulted in network reachability errors.

We identified the trigger for the bug in the switch’s software and stopped probing that SNMP OID and have already submitted a bug report to Extreme Networks. -Kelsey, Scott and Eli.

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