Pacific Bell’s statewide ATM network is still

Fri May 25 15:24:20 PDT 2001 — Pacific Bell’s statewide ATM network is still having some very significant problems. Our own statistics show that about 25% of our PacBell connected DSL customers are currently offline. Here’s the statement from PacBell, including the timeline for repairs.

We’ve experienced a hardware failure within select Lucent ATM switches. Your ATM service may be affected during the restoration process. Service will be brought down shortly after 12:01 a.m. PDT Saturday, May 26. All service should be restored by approximately 6:00 a.m. PDT Saturday, May 26. As this is a progressive restoration process, expected down time may be up to 8 hours. Service restoration to ISPs will receive very high priority, behind emergency services and banks. Every effort will be made to minimize down time.

In the event an ATM circuit serving a DSL application is affected, DSL end users may need to re-boot their equipment upon restoration.

We were told by a PacBell rep that somewhere around a million DSL customers in California have been affected by this huge PacBell outage. will work to assure that PacBell resolves the issues affecting our customers as quickly as possible.

Note that and BroadLink have build a backup link to resolve this issue for BroadLink connected customers, freeing them from PacBell’s currently broken network. Note also that all DSL accounts include dialup access for backup purposes, so you may dialup in situations like this one. See our support page for dialup numbers and setup. -David and Dane

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