“Code Red” worm results.

Thu Jul 19 14:26:39 PDT 2001 — “Code Red” worm results. As you may have already heard, the tenacious “Code Red” worm is winding its way through the Internet. The worm propagates via Microsoft IIS web servers, so Sonic.net web servers are invulnerable to the worm.

However, that doesn’t prevent the worm from trying to break into Sonic.net’s web servers. We are currently logging about two such attempts a second, and there have been over 33170 such attacks since midnight. Again, Sonic.net servers are unaffected by these attacks. This is obviously a very tenacious worm, and we recommend that IIS administrators ensure that their installations are up-to-date.

For more info about the “Code Red” worm, please visit the following news story:


Update: as of now (3:10pm), 32840 unique hosts have attempted to break into our web servers, each which is almost certainly running a copy of the worm.

-Scott, Kelsey, Eli

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