Our own web servers, which are not vulnerable

Wed Aug 1 11:22:48 PDT 2001 — Our own web servers, which are not vulnerable to Code Red, are currently logging around 40 attempted Code Red attacks per minute. Our servers host about 2500 unique IP addresses, so we could guess that each IP address is being attacked about once per hour currently. The ramp-up has been slow, but it’s getting faster and faster.

We’ve searched for vulnerable systems connected to our networks, and have informed customers when we’ve found problems. We also currently have inbound port 80 blocking (web) in place for dynamic dialup pools. This will not affect normal use of your dialup connection, but protects you from inbound worm attacks in case you’ve got a vulnerable Windows NT or 2000 system. -Dane, Eli, Steve, Russ, Scott and Kelsey

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