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Wed Aug 29 17:06:01 PDT 2001 — is now offering free additional IP addresses for PacBell DSL connected customers. For customers with multiple PCs, this allows for sharing of the DSL link between up to four computers simultaneously. Previously priced at $12 per month, is now including a block of four IP addresses for all PacBell DSL customers at no charge. Eight IP addresses are available for $12 per month. (Existing customers who have four or eight IP blocks will see pricing moved down to $0 or $12, respectively on their next invoice)

Using an Ethernet hub, this allows customers to share their DSL connection with multiple PCs in the home or office. No additional equipment is needed, and setup is simple. is committed to continuing to deploy additional features and services on both our broadband and dialup services. We hope that this new feature adds value to our DSL offering.

You can migrate from the single IP initially assigned to a new block of four or eight IP addresses using our online member tools, linked from the home page at This is a new standard ongoing service offering, so please, to conserve IP address space, only migrate if and when you have multiple machines that you need to address. For any questions or discussion about this new feature, please see news:sonic.dsl

Note that BroadLink wireless service uses equipment which already provides access for multiple PCs, so this change does not affect BroadLink customers.

-Kelsey, Nathan, Dustin and Dane

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