News Server downtime.

Mon Sep 3 18:33:35 PDT 2001 — News Server downtime. was offline between 5:25p and 6:25p this afternoon. The NNTP software package has been failing intermittently over the last 2-3 days, and in this case a delay in our notification package led to excessive downtime. We’ve tightened up monitoring, and will continue to work out the issues with the Typhoon software. – Eli, Kelsey

UPDATE: Typhoon, the news server software, has decided that it’s best action is to exit and dump core. We are in contact with the software vendor and waiting for a call back. Gale, our news feeder server is capable of back-logging about 6 hours of news for typhoon so as long as we are able to get it up within that time frame, no news posts should be lost. – Kelsey and Eli

UPDATE: We are seeing what appears to be some overview database corruption on typhoon. This manifests itself as garbled subject lines and/or the wrong post being returned for a given message id. In the two years that we’ve been running typhoon we’ve never seen anything like this before, in fact, the server had an uptime of 282 days until tonight. We are going to continue to work with the software vendor for a prompt resolution to this problem which will hopefully not involve the loss of our historical news spools. In the meantime if a group that you are reading exhibits the corruption use our backup news server, “” in place of “” -Kelsey, Dane, Nathan and Eli.

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