Night Operations: Tonight starting at…

Tue Sep 4 16:33:44 PDT 2001 — Night Operations: Tonight starting at midnight we will be performing some maintenance and upgrades to icebox, one of our NetApp filers, and tsunami, the server which handles mailbox accounts. We will also be upgrading and rebuilding the RAID in gale, our news feeder server. This is not a customer impacting event. Tsunami is getting a new motherboard and more RAM to resolve its ongoing performance issues. After the upgrade is complete, mailbox users should see a significant increase in performance. The upgrade should only take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Icebox is getting a new FC-AL adapter which will hopefully resolve the Fibre Channel Loop problems that we began seeing last week. The new LRC, which we replaced on one of the disk shelves on Saturday did not resolve the trouble. While we are replacing the FC-AL adapter icebox will be shutdown and all web data which it serves will be unavailable. Additionally, our administrative SQL server, which uses icebox for it’s database storage will offline for the duration of the maintenance. We expect that it should take approximately 20 minutes to replace and test the new FC-AL adapter. We will start the maintenance on icebox at 1:00AM. -Kelsey and Nathan

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