Quota changes.

Mon Sep 17 17:29:31 PDT 2001 — Quota changes. Effective October 1st, we’re making some changes to disk and bandwidth quotas.

The disk quota is being upgraded to 80 megabytes per account or hosting service. This means that a basic account includes 80 megabytes, and each multihomed “virtual server” website hosted on that account increases the quota by 80 megabytes. You may also purchase additional blocks of 80 megabytes of storage for $10 per month if you need more space. The disk space quota includes all data housed at Sonic.net, including web, ftp, mail and home directory space. It does not apply to data you download to your PC.

The bandwidth quota is being changed to one gigabyte per month per account or hosting service. As above, each hosting service on an account increases this quota by one gigabyte. Usage during the month that is trending above the quota (that is, is projected to exceed the quota by the end of the month based upon the current portion of the month which has passed) will generate a warning email, and additional usage beyond the quota will be billed at $15 per gigabyte. The bandwidth quota includes bandwidth used for content you host here at Sonic.net, including web, ftp and multimedia. It does not apply to content you download to your PC.

Both of these quotas are applied across all of your sites as a group, so you receive significant benefit if you have multiple sites hosted on your Sonic.net account. For example, if you hosted two multihomed sites here, your disk quota would be 240 megabytes, and your bandwidth quota three gigabytes per month, but it’s not required that either of these resources be used equally by the sites. This means that if you have one site that’s more popular or larger, it receives the benefit of the leftover quota for the smaller or less popular sites.

If you have any questions about the changes to the quota structure, please post to news:sonic.help.www or email support@sonic.net -Dane

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