We’re having some network issues which are…

Tue Sep 18 09:15:36 PDT 2001 — We’re having some network issues which are intermittently affecting mail and web services right now. We’re working to isolate and resolve the trouble.

This appears to be related to a new worm infecting Microsoft systems; we’re rejecting thousands of attempts from our servers, which seems to be the result this potential worm.

Update: Our load balancing systems are being impacted by what appears to be the new W32.Nimda.A@mm virus/worm. For more information, see:


We’re currently attempting to find a way to deflect the tens of thousands of worm connections that we’re getting to keep our servers and load balancing systems stable.

Update: A number of infected customers systems are spreading this virus actively, and we’ve taken some customers offline. Currently, Covad customers are down, plus a few PacBell DSL customers.

Update: Covad customers as a group were down for about five minutes while we regained control of our router. Currently, we’ve got a customer or two on wireless, DSL, T1 or Covad offline due to infection of their systems. We’re working with these customers to clean up their systems.

All Sonic.net services, including mail, web, news and Internet access are normal at this time, but we are seeing some traffic load due to this worm/virus.

Update: We’re seeing ongoing intermittent performance of outgoing email servers at this time. We’re working to stabilize the systems under the heavy load. If you fail to send mail, wait a moment and try again. -Dane, Matt, Steve, Kelsey, Scott and Eli

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