Timber and its services have been restored.

Thu Sep 20 01:03:47 PDT 2001 — Timber and its services have been restored. We were able to restore about half of the customer databases from a backup taken shortly before the RAID failed and were able to restore the rest from tape. However, updates that have been made to a database over the past few days may have been lost and may need to be reentered. The MySQL databases are now stored on the NetApps and MySQL has been upgraded to the latest stable version. This configuration has been working very well for us on our internal MySQL server. MySQL customers will receive an email detailing the events and the steps that we’re taking to prevent the same kind of failures from happening again.

We’ve also been able to restore all of the Urchin webstats from tape. The only data that was totally lost was our archived raw weblogs. We cannot currently provide access to the raw weblogs but should have them back online either later today, Thursday, or Friday, on the new log processing box which is nearly ready for deployment. -Kelsey

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