We are currently beta testing our new email…

Fri Sep 21 15:32:17 PDT 2001 — We are currently beta testing our new email filtering software. The new software enables our customers to opt in or out of each of our anti SPAM and virus filters. It will also support customer maintained white and blacklists and stronger content based filters to block adult email. Initially customers will only be able to turn off all email filtering but we hope to have finer controls enabled soon. The new software also enables POP before SMTP relay authentication which allows customers from off of our network to send mail through our outbound mail servers. If you have any questions please post them to news:sonic.net Ultra, one of the four load balanced mail servers, is running the new software now. Unfortunately, due to a small typo in the default SPAM filtering options, we applied ORBS DNS based black-listing to all mail that was received by ultra between 1:30pm and 2:40pm. We deeply regret this error due to the controversial nature of the ORBx lists and do not ever intend to enable any of them by default. -Russ, Kelsey and Dane

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