We have implemented a new email anti-SPAM…

Fri Sep 28 15:08:10 PDT 2001 — We have implemented a new email anti-SPAM system and additional features to replace the rule-checking we were previously using.

The new features allow us to accept mail from our users who are accessing the net from other providers and, in the near future, to to provide SPAM blocking tailored to individual preferences.

The “POP before SMTP” (or “check before send”) feature allows sonic customers who are traveling or connecting from another ISP to send mail through Sonic.net after checking for new mail. Just check mail (at pop.sonic.net) using your Sonic.net account prior to sending mail (at mail.sonic.net).

The SPAM blocking system will allow users to select the level of SPAM blocking they desire, ranging from none to very strict blocking. Currently Sonic.net provides a moderate level blocking required to protect our customers, but individual control will give you much more flexibility.

Users who wish to opt out of the blocking entirely may do so by emailing support@sonic.net.

An interface will be provided soon to allow for user selectable levels of blocking, strict blocking, content blocking white-lists and black-lists and full opt-out. -Russ

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