Special offer for domain registration…

Mon Oct 15 16:15:03 PDT 2001 — Special offer for domain registration transfers: $15 for transfer and a year’s service.

Sonic.net is now offering domain name registration transfers as well as new registration services. By using Sonic.net’s registration services, you will have a single point of contact for customer service. We also offer much better prices than from the old “Network Solutions” monopoly registration services.

If you have an existing domain, we are offering a great deal for domain transfers. No matter when in the future your domain expires, we would like you to transfer it now to Sonic.net for only $15, which includes an additional year of registration services. For example, if you have a domain with Network Solutions or another registrar that expires a year from now, move it now to Sonic.net for only $15 and get an additional year. This is substantial savings over the $25-$35 yearly renewal rate from Network Solutions.

We are also offering free transfers or free registration for any new multihomed website. If you have been considering multihoming, this offer could save you from $15 to $50.

For more information and to transfer or register domain names, visit the domain tool at:


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