We’ve been having some intermittent failures…

Sun Oct 21 20:46:17 PDT 2001 — We’ve been having some intermittent failures this afternoon of the connection between all of our PacWest xxx-0174 dialup numbers, which are terminated in Oakland and our main datacenter in Santa Rosa. We’re working now to diagnose the cause of the trouble and resolve it.

Meanwhile, our innovative double-pop architecture provides redundant dialup numbers for virtually every community. Local numbers can be found by selecting “Find Dialups” on our home page. We suggest you print the list for future reference in case of problems with the primary number you use. -Dane, Scott, Eli, Steve and Kavan

Update, Mon Oct 22 00:05:25 PDT 2001, Pacific Bell reports that they’ve got two OC-48 circuits (capable of carrying 64,512 voice calls, or 2688 T1 circuits, roughly) between Santa Rosa and Oakland that are taking a lot of errors. They have been working on this issue all day today, and the Pacific Bell network operations center describes this as their top priority. They have not yet found the fault, and do not have an estimated time of repair.

It’s now past midnight, utilization is very low, and we are providing backup numbers for virtually all locations via our “double-pop” configuration. The failure is intermittent, and connectivity is good most of the time. Use the “Find Dialups” tool from the home page to look for backup numbers for your area. We will keep you posted here when Pacific Bell wraps up repair. -Dane Update, Tue Oct 23 09:33:46 PDT 2001, Pacific Bell reports that the cut fiber has been repaired and all is well. The repair was completed around 6:30am on Monday morning.

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