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Tue Oct 30 09:39:14 PST 2001 — has been moved to our new shell server, points toward this system now as well, but please always use as the primary name for shell service.

The old shell server was halted last night at 12:30AM after we discovered that the ssh host key had changed, implying that the system may have been broken into. It’s been quarantined for forensic analysis, after which we’ll have a better idea of what occurred.

The new shell server is a massive system with dual Pentium III 1 Ghz CPUs, almost a gigabyte of RAM and fast new drives. If you have any software requests or discussions, please post to: news://

Currently, ssh access to the shell server is available, but telnet and rlogin are currently locked. We expect to turn on rlogin access from our dialup terminal servers in the next hour or so. Telnet access will be turned on shortly, but we’re likely to eliminate it in the next few days in favor of ssh, at least from outside our local network. If you don’t currently have an ssh client such as putty or terraterm, now would be a good time to seek one out and install it.

Update: rlogin access (including shell dialup) is still in the works. We’re having some trouble integrating it into our authentication system. Shell dialup should be available in an hour or two.

Update: rlogin access from our dialup servers (dialup directly to shell) is available. -Dane, Kelsey, Eli, Scott and Steve

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