We will be upgrading firmware on our primary…

Wed Oct 31 11:14:52 PST 2001 — We will be upgrading firmware on our primary core switch at 1AM Thursday morning. Downtime is expected to be two to three minutes while the switch reboots after the upgrade. The bug fixes in this release should resolve some of the instability that we’ve seen in the product which have caused downtime in the past. We’ll also be bringing our redundant management switch module back online for full “brain” redundancy in this switch.

Our huge Extreme Networks Black Diamond 6808 switch is the primary core switch here at Sonic.net, and much of our network is served by it. A redundant Extreme Networks switch serves one of the two primary Cisco 7206VXR routers, and parts of the network will be reachable during the upgrade, including T3 and some T1 customers. -Dane and Kelsey

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