Bandwidth quota charges.

Wed Nov 7 11:09:23 PST 2001 — Bandwidth quota charges. At 5pm yesterday evening, we ran the new bandwidth quota tool. Unfortunately, it appears that some folks had not received the previous warning, resulting in an unexpected charge for the extra bandwidth that they had used. recognizes the inconvenience of receiving a charge without warning; however, we also recognize that most of those billed should have had some idea that they would be over quota. However, wishes to retain the good will of its customer base — toward that end, we are applying a 50% good-will credit across-the-board for current bandwidth quota charges. Disk quota charges are unaffected, as folks over-quota have been warned about disk usage for months.

Please remember that the bandwidth quotas have always been a policy at, but we hadn’t implemented a procedure to collect for over-quota usage. This means that some users have been enjoying quite a bit of free bandwidth with their web hosting. There is bound to be contention as we implement the procedure for over-quota charges; hopefully the good-will credit will smooth the transition to the new system. -Scott, Jen, Kelsey

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