Updates to Hedgehog and Quotas: We have made…

Mon Dec 10 17:26:11 PST 2001 — Updates to Hedgehog and Quotas: We have made a number of modifications, improvements and bug fixes to our quota tracking and billing software. 1) We are now exempting local web and ftp traffic from being counted against users’ quotas. This is currently reflected with the ‘Web_local’ service. 2) We have also embedded full web and ftp traffic analysis into Hedgehog using Webalizer. The Webalizer reports can be retrieved by clicking on the ‘Domain’ link while looking at the bandwidth and hit summaries.

3) We also enabled incremental billing for bandwidth in 100MB chunks instead of full 1GB chunks. ($15.00/GB $1.50/100MB)

4) We have added the most requested features since the release of Hedgehog as well. We now offer bandwidth quota protection which will, if your bandwidth quota is exceeded, redirect website visitors to a ‘User Over Quota’ page and lock out access to your FTP space. Users can enable this feature on their accounts with Hedgehog in the member tools.

We are also going to change the layout for the way that we store our raw weblogs on our servers as well. Currently, weblogs are stored in /var/log/httpd/domain.name. If a user wishes to review their weblogs for their personal web space they have to sort through all of our users ~3 million hits to find their own webpages. We will be moving the format to /var/log/httpd/USERNAME/domain.name. Splitting out the weblogs into directories by username as well as domain should make it easier for our users to access their weblogs, as well as providing extra security by preventing users from being able to see every other users’ weblogs.

If you have any other suggestions or feedback please post them to news://news.sonic.net/sonic.net -Kelsey and Nathan

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