We have put up a new POP in Santa Rosa to…

Thu Jan 31 16:33:02 PST 2002 — We have put up a new POP in Santa Rosa to help with the busy signals on 522-1003. If you would like to help test this new capacity you can do so by changing your dialup number to 636-1001.

Sonic.net, Inc. is not responsible for any toll charges that may be incurred by calling (or configuring your computer to use) this number. If you are not certain that the number is a local (non-toll) call for you, check the phone book or dial 0 (zero) and ask for “Rate Information”.

If you could please send your results from using this new pop to support@sonic.net and in the subject line put ‘ATTN: Linuxnut RE: new POP’ we would greatly appreciate it.. Thanks. – Steve

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