The connection to our Oakland POP (this…

Mon Feb 11 14:31:42 PST 2002 — The connection to our Oakland POP (this equipment serves all xxx-0174 numbers) has gone down, and we are working with Pacific Bell to troubleshoot the circuit. We don’t have an ETR yet, and alternate dialup numbers for most areas can be found via our POP finder: – We will advise with an ETR as soon as we have one. – Operations team Update: Repair work continues on the backhaul for the 0174 group. Pacific Bell’s engineers have tested the loop and believe that their portion is functional, and we have one of our OPS people en route to the Oakland facility to do on-site testing. Update: PacWest engineers have located the problem and repaired the downed line. The Oakland pop is now up and running and. If you were currently using a number ending in 0174 and were switched to another number, please switch back to your old number as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. – Operations team

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