We’ve had troubles with our 522-1003 dialup…

Mon Feb 18 04:43:40 PST 2002 — We’ve had troubles with our 522-1003 dialup again this evening. As always, we’ve got backup dialup numbers in virtually all of our service areas which can be found using the “Find Dialups” link on the home page. We’d suggest printing this list in case of emergencies such as this one.

The past two weeks have been very bad with dialup troubles, primarily in our USR equipment serving the 1003 dialup. We’re trying to isolate the source of the problems! -Dane and Eli

Update Wed Feb 20 08:34:41 2002 — 522-1003 was returning all circuits are busy this morning. After a reboot the problem went away. We are working with our hardware vendors and PacBell to pin point the source of this problem. -Steve

Update Wed Feb 20 13:34:24 2002 — Another failure on 1003. We are closer to finding a solution. We have a PacBell tech monitoring our T3 and collecting data when the failures happen. -Steve

Update Wed Feb 20 15:19:48 2002 — The 8th PRI out of 40 or so in 1003 failed, and we found that an unplug/replug of the PRI cable fixed the issue. PacBell seems to be pointing toward the USR equipment as the source of the trouble, but the failures are not isolated to a single bit of equipment here and they’ve all worked well for years previously. We’re continuing to escalate at USR for diagnostic assistance. More to following in the MOTD. -Dane

Update Fri Feb 22 07:50:14 PST 2002 — 2 failures of 1003 this morning caused the all circuits are busy error, we had to reboot one of our USR boxes to clear the problem both time. The changes we made on Wednesday did not appear to help with this problem. We are still working with USR engineers to resolve this problem quickly. -Steve

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