We are experiencing some busy signals on our…

Sun Feb 24 19:54:36 PST 2002 — We are experiencing some busy signals on our 9811 dial-up group. We have additional capacity on the way, however you can also change from the 9811 to 9606 numbers if you are experiencing problems. For more information about Sonic.net local dial-up numbers, visit our POP Finder located at:


Please remember that Sonic.net is not responsible for any long distance charges you may incur. Check with the operator to verify the number you dial is a local call. -Matt

Update: Tue Feb 26 14:45:32 PST 2002 We have ordered more capacity for the 9811 dialup pools, this additional capacity is expected to be installed on Feb 28th, 2002. We do have back up capacity in most areas served by Sonic.net. You can use the Sonic.net pop finder to locate a backup pop in your area. Thanks. -Steve

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