SpamAssassin, one of our optional SPAM…

Mon Mar 4 12:51:08 PST 2002 — SpamAssassin, one of our optional SPAM filters, has been upgraded to version 2.11. This new version has improved rules and score sets that should further reduce both false positives and false negatives as well as a completely reworked AutoWhitelist. The new AutoWhitelist uses the average score from a sender to shift the scores on mails by the sender. If the sender sends generally low scoring email, his or her emails will be scored lower- if higher, higher. This new AutoWhitelist should be more effective than the old one and prevents the problem where a spammer could get whitelisted automatically.

There are over 450 users currently using SpamAssassin and we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback. You can turn SpamAssassin on with the ‘SpamCan’ tool in the membertools. For more information please see news:// and -Kelsey

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