Sundry Updates and Fixes: We’ve upgraded our…

Wed May 8 12:01:02 PDT 2002 — Sundry Updates and Fixes: We’ve upgraded our DNS servers to Bind 9.2.1 from 9.2.0. The new version has a number of small fixes and improvements. This was a seamless update, no customer should have noticed the maintenance. Over the past few days we’ve also put a great deal of effort into tuning our NNTP feeder server for optimal performance. In this process we uncovered a few sub-optimal configurations that were causing backlog and poor article completion on our news server. We also upgraded both the server and spam filtering software to the latest stable release. The result of this work is that our news server now has much better multi-part binary completion rates. If you have been using supernews for binary news reading, you may want to try — it is faster than supernews. -Kelsey

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