NetApp problems: At around 8:00AM this…

Tue May 14 12:30:22 PDT 2002 — NetApp problems: At around 8:00AM this morning a run-away process filled the mail spool partition. Some cruft was cleared and additional space was allocated to the mail spool after the problem was brought to our attention. However, this has not resolved the problems with the mail spool directory. At this point, although there is plenty of space available, the NetApp is returning ‘No Space Available’ when a process tries to create a file name of greater than 16 characters. Files with names shorter than 8 characters can be created just fine. This is only affecting the mail quota tree on the NetApp, and not the home or ftp trees. We’ve been working with NetApp for the past few hours providing their engineers with proper debugging output and at this point we are waiting to hear back from them.

At this time, we are accepting and delivering inbound mail and users should be able to read and send their email normally. However, some shell based mail applications are reporting errors that they are unable to create lock files. Using the shell based email clients at this time could potentially cause some mailbox corruption, but it is highly unlikely to occur. -Kelsey, Nathan and Matt.

UPDATE: We are still waiting to hear back from NetApp on the analysis of our debugging output. We are reluctant to take any action without NetApp approval. Mail delivery is slowed down at this time but no email has been, or will be, lost.

UPDATE: We think we might have solved the problem but are running some tests to confirm that everything is back to normal.

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