On Friday evening and Saturday, Sonic.net…

Wed Jun 5 16:14:16 PDT 2002 — On Friday evening and Saturday, Sonic.net moved our staff and office network to our new headquarters in Santa Rosa. The move went very smoothly, and we were back up and providing technical support on Sunday morning as expected.

Credit for the smooth move and great new location goes to the site prep and move teams managed by Eli and Jen, and also to JLC Construction, Simons & Brecht Architectural, CloudBuzz Cabling, Honeywell Security, Source One Communications, McClure Electric, CalAir HVAC, Stockham and Parker construction, Secure Access Portals, Marin Flooring and Woodforms.

Thanks, everyone! Extra thanks to helpers Sean Franklin, Dustin Mollo, Jen Musil and Chris Schoenfeld. Thanks to Carl Schneider and Valley Roofing for the use of their amazing truck.

Please visit us at our new location at 2260 Apollo Way in Santa Rosa!

Datacenter moves start next week, and we’ll make notes here in the MOTD as things shift over.


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