First diesel generator test run.

Sun Jun 9 23:33:48 PDT 2002 — First diesel generator test run. In a simulated PG&E outage, the Leibert UPS and Detroit Diesel generator at our new 5000 sq. ft. datacenter facility delivered smooth and uninterrupted power. We ran on diesel for a 10 minute test interval, then switched back to utility power. The automatic startup, transfer, return to utility and shutdown of the generator were all handled smoothly by our transfer switch, UPS system and generator.

The generator is a 23.9 liter v-12 twin turbocharged Detroit Diesel, which produces 1024 horsepower and 750 kilowatts of power. We can effectively run forever, just by topping up the fuel tanks as they are used. This assures availability of your server, website or Internet access, regardless of summer black-outs or emergencies. -Dane

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