We’ve got a bridged T3 online between our B…

Tue Jun 18 20:45:12 PDT 2002 — We’ve got a bridged T3 online between our B St and Apollo Way datacenters, and are preparing to move our staff and some test equipment tomorrow. Kudos to Kelsey and Nathan, who discovered that virtually every 12.x version of IOS has bugs in the IRB protocol implementation. After much troubleshooting, a version that worked was found and demonstrated, at 3am!

In addition tomorrow, we’ll be deploying a new Cisco router in San Francisco, at our new hub location there. It’ll be served by a T3 to Apollo, and will also connect to UUNet. The actual shift of UUNet traffic to this link will be done in the next few nights. We’ll post notice of this here, and it’ll be done in the middle of the night.

Our next major migration item is the move of Focal dialup numbers (XXX-9811) from B St to our San Francisco location. This is scheduled to occur at 3am on Friday morning the 21st. When this happens, connections will be dropped for customers calling these numbers, and they will need to re-dial.

We’ll keep you posted here as we work on the elements of this migration.


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