Night operations: Tuesday morning at 3am we…

Mon Jul 1 18:19:57 PDT 2002 — Night operations: Tuesday morning at 3am we will be moving mega (a Cisco 7507) which terminates T1, T3 and some Frame-Relay customers. This requires us to coordinate with Pac Bell to move the circuits to Apollo as we un-rack mega and drive it to the new data center. We expect the interruption to last about 30-45 minutes and will only impact customers who terminate in that router. -Operations Staff

UPDATE – Tue Jul 2 00:23:35 PDT 2002 — During this evenings migration, dial-up POP’s will experience various outages as we move circuits. Specifically our Sebastopol (numbers ending in 8812) and Oakland POP’s (numbers ending in 0174) which terminate on a T3 in mega. Some customers may find backup numbers by using our POP Finder tool located at:

UPDATE – Tue Jul 2 05:01:10 PDT 2002 — Night Op Postponed. Pac Bell missed our 3am cut time as work in the Rohnert Park CO was not complete. Bell discovered the problem about 3:30am and by 4:20am it was clear that it was going to take too long to get the work finished. The move has been rescheduled for 3am Wednesday and Bell promises to have their work complete prior to the cut time. There was no service interruption during this operation. -Matt, Dane, Nathan, Kelsey, Zeke, Jon H., Scott B. and Mike (Pac Bell)

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