Our move of primary core storage and servers…

Sun Jul 14 02:47:37 PDT 2002 — Our move of primary core storage and servers has been delayed due to problems getting the tape backup completed, indexed and verified. The full backup started at 5am Saturday, and as of 2am Sunday, is complete but not yet fully indexed, so it cannot be tested. For this reason, we’ve postponed the move of the storage array and all associated servers until the same time next weekend.

Instead, we’ll be doing a number of clean-up activities this evening, many of which are slightly service affecting. Steve will be doing a bit of tidying and rearranging of the 1003 dial pool, and customers will be disconnected as he moves equipment around. Nathan is planning to swap a T3 port adapter in one of the Cisco 7507s here for a HSSI, and expects about 30 seconds of inability to reach sites connected via Cable & Wireless. -Dane, Matt, Steve, Nathan and Kelsey

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