On Tuesday during the day, we’ll be turning…

Mon Jul 15 22:54:14 PDT 2002 — On Tuesday during the day, we’ll be turning up our new 100Mbps fiber link to Equinix, and deploying a Cisco 7206 and other equipment there. If all goes well, we’ll be moving our Cable & Wireless link from downtown Santa Rosa to San Jose sometime shortly afterwards.

On Wednesday morning at around 3am, we will be moving Focal (9811) dialup lines from Santa Rosa to San Francisco. Expected downtime is ten to fifteen minutes. No, we don’t drive that fast, we’ll have extra equipment in place in San Francisco to allow for a quick transition. Matt, Steve and Russ will be doing this migration for us. -Dane

Update: Wed Jul 17 07:31:10 PDT 2002 — Night Operations complete. The Focal dial-up lines were successfully moved to our San Francisco POP. There was less than 5 minutes of downtime during the move.

Update: Wed Jul 17 16:22:53 PDT 2002 — As a part of the move we renumbered the xxx-9811 dial pools NAS servers. A minority of ISDN routers may have to have their gateway address changed in order to function properly. -Matt, Nathan, Russ and Steve

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