Problems on our 522-1003 dial group.

Thu Jul 18 17:37:35 PDT 2002 — Problems on our 522-1003 dial group. In order to reduce downtime in our xxx-9811 Focal dial group we shuffled equipment out of our 522-1003 dial group so it could be relocated to San Francisco. In order for this migration to work properly, the gear had to be reconfigured on both ends. The new xxx-9811 gear was properly transitioned to its new configuration but the 522-1003 wasn’t properly configured. The MPIP server address wasn’t changed, which prevented MLPPP (Multilink PPP) from negotiating properly. As a result, all attempted MLPPP sessions to 522-1003 failed to negotiate multiple channels until this was resolved this afternoon. Overall, this only affected a small number of customers, primarily those with ISDN. -Steve

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