Our SLB mail cluster is still exhibiting odd…

Thu Jul 25 13:40:09 PDT 2002 — Our SLB mail cluster is still exhibiting odd behavior. We are seeing poor NFS performance, and as a result, we are also seeing delayed email. It is also possible that we may be refusing inbound SMTP connections as the load on the servers climb as ‘dirty’ process pile up. We are currently investigating the cause of this problem and hope to have it resolved shortly. -Kelsey and Nathan

Update: The problem appears to have resolved itself but we expect that in reality it will start up again tomorrow as load increases. We were not able to find anything wrong with our configuration and will continue to debug and troubleshoot once it starts again.

Update: The problem did not return today. We’ll continue to investigate the circumstances which cause our servers to get into trouble and to exhibit poor NFS performance. At this time we believe that the problems may have been caused by a remarkably aggressive Rumplestiltskin Attack.

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