Night Operation – At 1am Tuesday morning we…

Mon Sep 16 23:00:04 PDT 2002 — Night Operation – At 1am Tuesday morning we will be integrating a new router into our core. During this configuration we will be moving our Cable & Wireless T3 to the new router. Customers will not experience any service interruption, however, there will be a brief (30 second) period where traffic will slow slightly as our UUNet T3 takes over. This new configuration will complete the First Phase build-out of our new network infrastructure.

Our Santa Rosa routing core will consist of two Cisco 7507’s connecting Santa Rosa to our San Francisco (Focal) POP and our San Jose (Equinix) POP. Splitting our core into two border routers allows for a resilient configuration of our POPs and provides us with the hardware to move to Phase 2.

Phase 2 of our new architecture is the completion of a fiber ring linking our Santa Rosa datacenter, San Jose POP and San Francisco POP. This ring will ride UFO fiber from Santa Rosa to Equinix around the East Bay terminating in San Jose. A link from San Jose (Equinix) to San Francisco (Focal) will swing around the South end of the Bay where it will meet up with our Focal POP. Pac Bell fiber then connects Focal to Santa Rosa on two DS3’s.

This fiber infrastructure and ring topology, in conjunction with redundant routing equipment will provide with a fault tolerant fiber ring with plenty of room for expansion. Staff

Update – Tue Sep 17 04:36:24 PDT 2002 — Night Ops complete. The Cable & Wireless T3 has been moved and now lives in our second border router.

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