We believe that we have located the cause of…

Wed Oct 23 17:25:50 PDT 2002 — We believe that we have located the cause of the Alteon’s instability and will be reconfiguring it and two of our other switches at 1:00AM tomorrow morning. We don’t believe that it will cause any interruption of service, however, if it does become invasive, the downtime will be very brief. -Kelsey and Nathan

Update: Night Ops completed. We reconfigured the Alteon and the two other switches involved in our server load balancing. We believe this should resolve the ongoing stability issues. Incidentally, while taking the opportunity to continue deploying multicast on our core network, we encountered a software bug in one of our core Cisco 7507 routers causing it to lock up. It continued to forward traffic until we rebooted it, temporarily isolating our San Francisco POP from the rest of our network. This served as an opportunity to test redundancy in our core network; no one, apart from customers connected in San Francisco, would have noticed the event. -Kelsey, Nathan, Zeke and Matt

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