SpamAssassin and Graymail updates: We’ve just

Thu Oct 31 13:14:49 PST 2002 — SpamAssassin and Graymail updates: We’ve just completed upgrading SpamAssassin to the latest stable release and added a new feature to the GUI. Users can now optionally choose to have our servers dump blacklisted senders so they’ll neither end up in your inbox nor graymail. Please keep in mind that it does no good to blacklist an address that isn’t going to be reused by the sender; most spam has uniquely generated From addresses. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback for SpamAssassin and over 30% of our members have turned it on. SpamAssassin is now enabled by default for all new accounts. We strongly recommend that anyone who hasn’t enabled SpamAssassin and graymail do so now. You can enable it in the member tools at -Kelsey and Chris B.

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