ATM OC-3 upgrade.

Tue Nov 5 10:31:56 PST 2002 — ATM OC-3 upgrade. DSL and some Frame Relay customers will have service briefly interrupted during an upgrade of our ATM circuit from a T3 to an OC-3. This upgrade will increase capacity on our existing link, which is currently experiencing congestion during peak utilization periods.

The migration of customer connections to the new circuit is scheduled to occur between 2am and 5am on Wednesday November 13th.

For daily statistics on the current circuit, see the following URL. Note that the average utilization outbound is about 32 megabits, and it’s peaking at it’s max capacity of 36 megabits.

The new OC-3 circuit is three times as fast as the current T3 and has a raw speed equivalent to 84 T1 circuits (ATM protocol overhead reduces this somewhat). Customers will experience lower latency and higher speeds during peak utilization times subsequent to this upgrade. -Dane

Tue Nov 12 13:26:28 PST 2002: UPDATE. This upgrade has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, as SBC was not ready for the migration as planned. Any orders which were held pending the upgrade are being processed today.

Wed Nov 20 04:14:53 PST 2002: UPDATE. OC3 migration complete. We have successfully migrated off the ATM DS3 and on to the new ATM OC3. This involved moving all FRATM and DSL customers in blocks from one circuit to the other over a period of approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. This new capacity will eliminate the congestion we were experiencing during peak times. During the migration we also moved an external CSU/DSU chassis which serves Covad, frame-relay, peering and customer T1’s. Pac Bell projected a 3 hour migration, but thanks to Augie at ASI, things went more quickly. -Matt, Zeke and Scott

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