Denial of service attack.

Mon Nov 25 13:49:21 PST 2002 — Denial of service attack.’s mail servers are currently under attack from spammers. A spam run is being mounted from multiple IP addresses which is aggressive enough that it is causing our mail servers to have intermittent authentication problems as they attempt to keep up with the increased load. We are working on blocking the spammers and on identifying them if possible. -Russ, Scott, John, Eli, Matt and the rest of the Ops team

Update, Mon Nov 25 15:29:00 2002: We have successfully blocked 90% of the incoming problem traffic, and the situation has been under control for about 45 minutes. The addl. load caused our Spam processing servers to become unavailable for some time, so some spam mail made it through the Spamassassin filters during the attack. We continue to monitor the situation. – Ops.

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