High latency and packet loss.

Fri Jan 24 22:29:43 PST 2003 — High latency and packet loss. We are currently experiencing high latency and packet loss in portions of our network, including part of our core. We are investigating the situation, and will hopefully have things back to normal soon. Kelsey is on-site. -Scott, Kelsey, and Nathan

Update Fri Jan 24 23:11:01 PST 2003… This turns out to be a massive worm which is causing denial of service (DoS) across the Internet. UUNet has characterized this as “the DoS of the year”. The vector is Microsoft SQL servers. So far, we have found 7 servers pumping 100 megabit/second into our core, which is the cause of the high latency and packet loss within portions of our network. We continue to work the problem. -Scott, Kelsey, and Nathan

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