Mail Server Backlog: Our mail servers are…

Tue Jan 28 12:13:22 PST 2003 — Mail Server Backlog: Our mail servers are currently experiencing a high load and are deep in queue. No mail has or will be lost, however, it may be delayed. We have taken some stop-gap measures to try to improve performance and it appears to be helping the situation. We expect to have it cleared up shortly.

We are in the process of testing a new mail server architecture that will resolve these periodic loading issues. We’ve got six blazing fast dual Xeon servers with plenty of RAM, local RAID, dual gigabit Ethernet NICs and two new shelves for our NetApp cluster currently testing the new architecture. The new architecture will include a new locally customized message store format that should provide better end-user performance while also putting less load on the back-end. There is a thread in news:// titled ‘Upcoming changes to mail handling…’ that details the changes and how they should improve the situation. -Kelsey

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